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ValueCheck™... because your business is judged by the value it delivers

Do you ever wonder...

  • Why "they" can’t see what a good deal you offer? – or –

  • We’re providing so much—why can’t we hang onto customers?


The fact is, value is in the minds of your prospects and customers. It’s the result of every direct contact they have with your business (transaction, inquiry, etc.) as well as every indirect input (a review or the opinion of a friend).


Perceptions change constantly

When operations consume our attention, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters to our customers and to misdirect resources, causing value to suffer. 


Through key informant interviews and a proprietary online survey, ValueCheck™ drills down to find out what customers and employees really think about your business:

  • Are they clear about your value, and your value proposition?

  • Do they believe your business delivers real value?

  • Do customers feel appreciated and well informed? 

  • Do employees get the support they need to deliver what customers expect?

ValueCheck™ provides insights that help salvage disenchanted customers, improve employee satisfaction and engagement. It informs the decisions you need to make so your business can attract new customers and grow.

To get started, call +1 (416) 433-1153
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