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We’ll help you get the right messages to the right people at the right time.


You’ve crafted a really good plan. Your Directors are excited. Your management team is primed to take the lead. Your employees are ready to do their part.

Now’s the time to make sure everyone who should know what's happening does know. And to keep them informed of your progress and focused on the important role each plays.

An otherwise sound plan can fail when too little effort is made to connect and communicate with employees and customers.

Telling your story means:

  1. building a plan to motivate and inform,

  2. creating and using key messages,

  3. developing effective elevator speeches,

  4. Keeping employees in the loop,

  5. signaling a change with an updated look and feel, and

  6. utilizing the media best suited to reaching a particular audience.


Telling your story is a six-step process: 

Planning to motivate and inform

We’ll recommend a communications plan to support your efforts to Own Your Space and achieve key business objectives. We’re comfortable working with your existing agency. Or we’ll put our own planning talents to work to ensure your brand promise and personality shine through. 


Key messages say it all

At Riverhorse we’re experienced in establishing key messages. We understand how to communicate these clearly and consistently in everything from advertising and PR to collateral material, one-on-one contacts and social media like Twitter.


In the elevator…

Every employee must be clear on the business you're in, what you do well,  and why anyone should care about buying what you're selling. We'll work with you to ensure your answers capture the essence of who you are and what makes your offering so special. Owning your space begins in the elevator!


Keeping employees in the loop

Communications play an important role in keeping your employees onside and engaged. We’ll work with you to decide what and how often to communicate. Ask us nicely and we’ll play a lead role in developing both electronic and print materials.


Your visual identity: Branding Out™ in style!

A brand is much more than a look or a logo. But a distinctive identity speaks volumes about your organization, products, and services. We'll work with your creative team to develop a hard-working visual identity. Or we'll provide the creative talent to get the job done. Regardless, we'll make sure your visual identity is as solid strategically as it is creatively.


Reaching out to customers and prospects

Of course, you already communicate with your customers and prospects. Here’s an opportunity to add a few important touchpoints and include them in the process. Everyone likes to feel special. Letting your customers in on where your business is headed and ensuring they are crystal clear on your value proposition are great reasons to reach out.


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