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Craft a Value Proposition that motivates buyers and drives sales

Businesses constantly make promises. Some resonate—others don’t. Some get fulfilled—some are forgotten.

Buyers are self-centered. "What’s in it for me?" is their mantra. Make them happy and you'll win them over. Fail and you can pretty much kiss the business goodbye.

Every successful company makes a promise that...

  1. Resonates, differentiates and gives prospects a compelling reason to try and buy.
  2. Can be reliably fulfilled by the company making the promise.

Through constant repetition and impeccable delivery, you will be able to transform your business landscape, creating preference for your products and services and loyal, committed customers.

Make them a promise they can’t resist

We’ve helped dozens of public, private and nonprofit clients craft value propositions that make an irresistible (and deliverable) promise.

Focus and differentiate your business with a well-developed value proposition—one informed by a clear vision, solid strategy and market research, and supported by brand-aligned employee behaviours.

When your value proposition is clear—

  • Lead generation programs will deliver higher quality leads.
  • External sales people will produce more sales.
  • Your leadership team will be more aligned.
  • Your entire company will think and work more profitably.

For information and an approach tailored to your needs, email or call us at 416.445.2888.

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Can a not-for-profit own its space?

Absolutely! Our strategic planning and rebranding processes have put many not-for-profits in a position to better serve members and donors.

 Check out how Riverhorse can help your association or charity own your space.


“Your approach to rebranding SOCAN was extremely effective and one that I highly recommend. By involving our senior team in an enjoyable process, we were able to get buy-in throughout the organization. Thanks for a job well-done."

Diane Samek, Manager, Communications & Marketing, SOCAN