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Our business is helping your business
own your space

Riverhorse was founded in 1998 to help clients engage stakeholders, achieve their most critical business objectives and own their space.

From research to understand the real issues, to developing tightly focused strategies and tactical plans, to help getting it done, we will help your business achieve real success.

If you need a strategy or plan to position your business for success, we have the know-how and process skills to get the job done. If you’re struggling to find the time to run and build your business, we’ll help implement your plans to deliver what they been designed to do.

Your next step is clear

Our proven methods are a proven path to owning your space. You may not need to work harder or spend more. Just focus your efforts following our proven planning process.

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About our brand!

Wonder why we chose a hippopotamus (literally "river horse") to symbolize our own brand?

The hippo is a massive and powerful master of its domain. Even crocodiles won't mess with it. It's versatile—able to move gracefully underwater and to run swiftly on land. You’ll find our hippo, and us, hard to ignore. That's the idea behind owning your space. And it's the idea behind every assignment we tackle.