Strategic Planning

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Strategic planning to own your space

Peter Drucker claimed a business has but one purpose — to create a customer. We believe strategic planning has just one job — to map the path to owning your space.

We'll help you map a clear path forward

Many businesses and non-profits simply don’t have the time or resources to deal with all the opportunities and challenges market research uncovers.

We know how to work with your management team to prioritize issues and develop innovative, actionable strategies right-sized for your organization.

Your plan will be clear and actionable

Your strategic plan will pinpoint the top tasks needed to reach your goals.

We’ll facilitate a process to...

  • Identify key opportunities and challenges.
  • Build consensus around top priorities.
  • Help you establish measurable objectives.
  • Enable your team to build consensus around strategic initiatives.
  • Produce a detailed action plan for each initiative.
  • Begin to operationalize the strategy by assigning timing and responsibilities.

We’ve helped dozens of clients develop strategies focused on owning their space. To get started, call 416.445.2888 or email us today.

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“You provided very good leadership and guidance in developing our Strategy. We are very happy with the results.” 

Mark S. Woody, President, Palfinger North America 

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