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Employee Engagement

Empowering the people responsible for your success


From music on hold, to voicemail greetings, to comments by friends or business associates, to media mentions and personal interactions, what buyers think of your business is the sum total of all their experiences.

And nearly every experience is rooted in something an employee has said or done—or didn’t say or do. So, to stake out and own a strong market position, you need to enlist your employees’ support. They need to understand and be willing to follow behaviours that will make a difference to your success.

Most employees care about satisfying customers and doing a good job. But without direction, even the most well-intentioned can adopt behaviours that alienate customers (“That’s not my job.”) and undermine the company’s efforts to own their space in the hearts and minds of customers and prospects.


Riverhorse can help by...

  1. assessing how employees feel about the business and their ability to contribute (see ValueCheck™),

  2. identifying and defining important behaviours, and

  3. designing and delivering a program that informs, trains, clarifies behaviours, and motivates... resulting in employees who feel valued and supported.


Fundamentally, we believe that adults learn best by doing. Our workshop-based approach to aligning and engaging employees emphasizes experiential exercises like role-playing and storytelling. These allow participants to practice and work with the behaviours that will have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction and your company’s ability to own your space and achieve key objectives.

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