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Building big brands that stand out in crowded markets.

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Put the full power of your brand to work to Own Your Space.


Every successful business, product, and service has a brand that stands out from its competitors – a big brand that resonates with buyers. delivers on its promises, and owns its space.


Each is built on a solid understanding of the business environment in which it operates and the markets it serves. Each is clear on the space it's intent on owning, and the value that clients, customers, or members expect.


Like the hippo, a.k.a. the river horse, a big brand understands what it takes to be master of its domain. And each has a well-thought-out plan for dealing with obstacles and achieving its short and longer-term objectives. 

As experts in strategic branding, our business is helping clients own their space. It's what we're passionate about, and it's been our focus for more than 20 years.  

Our Clients Say...​

“Your workshop-based approach to branding is impressive. You were able to engage the business leaders who participated in the process and make it an enjoyable and productive experience. We are extremely pleased with the results.”


– Tom Horlor, Chief Development Officer, YMCA of Greater Toronto.

Let's start a conversation about our favourite subject – owning your space!

Owning your space doesn't just happen. It takes planning and a concerted effort by all employees.

To get an idea of how we can help your business   own your space, return the form opposite, or call: 

+1 (416) 433-1153

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Thanks for your interest in how we can help you Own Your SpaceWe'll follow up with you shortly.

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