Be the biggest thing around.
Own your space. 

Like the hippo, successful small and mid-sized businesses own their space. They're clear about what that space is, what matters to their customers, members or donors and what they have to do to own it. In other words, they have a plan. 


Live your Plan. Own your space.

Our facilitated planning process gets results. 
Build a plan that focuses your team and
puts you on the road to success.

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Look to Riverhorse Advisors for business strategy,
marketing strategy and brand strategy.

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Understand your customers’ drivers

Successful strategies begin with clear information on what buyers value. Get a detailed picture of the market opportunities and challenges your business faces.

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Get on the path to owning your space

Build an integrated business, brand and marketing strategy.  Get a process and expert facilitation to ensure your strategies and tactical plans are focused on what really matters.

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Position your entire business for success

A brand is what others think of you. It’s the sum of every interaction. Find your business’s best answer to the one question that will attract and keep great customers.

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Challenged to run and build a business?

A plan is only as good as the follow through. That’s why we’re happy to stick around to ensure your plans deliver what they’re built to do.

in The Words of our clients...

Your Space Matters

When it comes to change, one of the biggest issues with which any management team has to deal is the DNF, …the Do Nothing Factor. Rewarding and recognizing employees for doing something in a different way—and doing it well—is not only motivational in the short term, it can lead to a real behavioural change.

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